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Root canals don’t exactly have the best reputation. While they’re often seen as scary, at Smith Family Dental Solutions in Cary we strive for your peace-of-mind.

A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly infected or decayed. It is performed when the blood vessels and nerves (the pulp) in a tooth becomes damaged or infected. During a root canal, the tooth is cleared of pulp, disinfected, and sealed. Many patients are worried the procedure will be painful, but with an experienced dentist, most will find that it is no more painful than getting a simple filling. Don’t let fear keep you living in discomfort!

What are the signs a root canal may be needed?

Not seeing your dentist at the first signs of pain can lead to serious complications. Call Smith Family Dental Solutions today if you experience:

  • Severe pain caused by chewing or applying pressure to your tooth
  • Prolonged pain due to heat or cold even when the source of heat or chill is removed
  •  Discoloration of a tooth, tooth darkening can be a sign it’s time to call the dentist
  •  Swelling & tenderness in gums surrounding a tooth
  •  Recurring or persistent pimple-like mass on the gums

After the root canal procedure is complete, there may be pain the first few days due to natural swelling of the tissue, but over-the-counter pain medicine can alleviate. Do not hesitate to call Smith Family Dental Solutions if you suspect you have an infected tooth. Leaving infected pulp untreated can cause long-term damage, spreading to other teeth, bone, and even other parts of your face and head. With a successful root canal and proper dental hygiene routine, those issues can be avoided and your tooth can remain healthy for a lifetime.

The doctors are great and take time to explain what’s being done. I appreciate the attention and good work.

Kevin D

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