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Oral surgery doesn’t have to be scary. Smith Family Dental Solutions in Cary, NC strives to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment to alleviate all of your dental related anxiety! From wisdom teeth to jaw-related issues, we can take care of you from start to finish.

The doctors of Smith Family Dental Solutions are proud to be expertly skilled in oral surgery. Drs. Smith and Stanley understand that your comfort is important, so they work hard to help you relax and take the fear out of every procedure. We know that no two patients are alike, and when diagnosing dental needs and creating an oral surgery plan, we make sure to guide you every step of the way.

The most common cause of a need for oral surgery is the removal of wisdom teeth. Often viewed as a scary procedure, it doesn’t have to be! At Smith Family Dental Solutions in Cary, NC, you know you are in knowledgeable and skilled hands. In addition to wisdom teeth extraction, oral surgery can be necessary for;

  • Preparation of dental implants – Before installing your implants, it is necessary to remove the damaged tooth or teeth. Once removed it is necessary to create space in your jaw, so that the eventual implant has a clear path to graft with the jawbone.
  • Impacted teeth – A common dental ailment, teeth that are trapped between the jawbone and gum tissue can cause discomfort and a misshapen smile. Wisdom teeth extractions are an example of impacted teeth.
  • Better denture fit – Oral surgery can be required for first-time denture wearers to correct any irregularities in the jaw and provide a more secure fit. It can also be used for those who experience jaw-bone deterioration by adding a bone graft.

Most oral surgery follows a standard procedure, starting with the numbing of the tissue and gums of the surrounding area. This means that during extractions or other procedures, you may feel pressure, but minimal pain. If there is pain, our doctors apply additional anesthesia as is appropriate, providing you with more comfort and peace of mind. After, numbing, we follow your custom plan that Drs. Smith or Stanley will have discussed with you before, insuring your receipt of the best treatment with the best team in Cary, NC. Do not hesitate to schedule a consult today!

Dr. Smith is knowledgeable and always gives me the right amount of information. Happy to put him in charge of my teeth.

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